• Connor Meyler

Water & Fat Loss

Water is often overlooked when people begin a training and diet regime.

Here’s how water can help you shed those pounds!

  1. Appetite Control. Water is an appetite suppressant. Drinking enough water ensures that you get hungry when you REALLY need something to eat. Drinking an abundance of water keeps hunger at bay.

  2. Kidney Function. Your kidneys need plenty of water to carry out their duties efficiently – processing waste products. If they don’t get enough fluids, the liver comes into play to help. The liver is responsible for taking your stored fat and turning it into energy you can use, you will slow this process down by depending on your liver. You can therefore optimise fat loss by drinking enough water and letting your liver turn that fat into energy!

  3. Hormonal Signals. When the body senses a lack of food. It will fight back to a degree by trying to hold onto its fat stores. Your energy levels will drop and your body temperature will fall. Drinking enough of water will help counteract this.

  4. Hydrated Muscles. Hydrated muscles are healthy muscles. This leads to better workouts and more growth stimulation. Holding on to muscle while losing fat keeps your metabolism revved up. Muscles need calories.The more muscle you have the more calories you burn every single day!

So how much water is optimal? That depends on many factors such as your activity, perspiration levels etc. As a rule of thumb we recommend 30ml-50ml of water per kg of body-weight.

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