• Connor Meyler

Are you experiencing lower back pain when shoulder pressing?

Updated: Apr 26

You might not have the required shoulder flexion in order to do the movement in a standing overhead press (OHP) position or seated with the bench completely upright! That’s okay! We can work around that!

I see this all the time:⁣

People trying to press a weight over head without the required range of motion(ROM) to do the OHP, meaning a lot of the force of that weight is coming down into your low back.

➡️What do we need in order to do this movement? ⁣



If you are compensating this movement by extending the spine its a good idea for you to use a bench and angle it in line with your ROM in order to do the exercise effectively without irritating your lower back, create more stability and have a bigger output on the muscle you intend training!

For some the “bros” out there this might not be a big deal to you, if you love the movement go ahead and do it, just be aware of the implications. Also, keep in mind that just because it isn’t painful now doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future!⁣

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