The gym can be a very intimidating place, especially for women. There is so much conflicting information out there that it can seem very overwhelming and impossible to know where to begin.

A common misconception of female training is that it should consist of endless amounts of cardio, pink dumbbells and step classes, which isn’t how it should be.

At Capel Fitness we encourage women to lift weights and get strong. Women seem to neglect the weights room in the gym in fear of becoming “big and bulky” which leads to missing the most important “physique altering” training.

At Capel Fitness we teach women how to lift correctly and safely to get the results they desire.


If you want to increase your fitness, lose bodyfat, tone up, ramp up your metabolism, feel strong and healthy you need to be lifting weights!

At Capel Fitness you can learn the fundamentals of resistance training and once you are competent in these areas then you can take your new found knowledge wherever you want to workout!

We create training programs and nutrition plans based on each individual that are both effective and realistic.

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Sally Beeby

Capel fitness Is situated on the -1 floor of The Capel Building, Capel St, Dublin 7. 
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