Capel Fitness provide corporate wellness classes to firms working within the Capel building.

Our focus with corporate classes is to make employees feel great.
Sitting at a desk for most part of the day and living a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain, stress, poor posture and chronic pain.

We build training programs to suit each firm. We focus on strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness all wrapped into a tough but enjoyable 45 minute training session. Your team will leave feeling energetic and invigorated.

We create specific goals for the team to reach, keeping everyone committed and interested. Class sizes are 6-10 people. This insures we maintain individualisation at scale and can attend to each persons specific needs and goals.

Why set up corporate wellness classes?


Enhance recruitment and retention for all positions in the company.


Healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days.


Team building and bonding creates a better environment in the workplace.



“Our firm has worked with Connor for the past 2 and a half years and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from staff.
Connor is very knowledgeable in his craft and is always on hand to explain the process to the training he provides, guiding staff on achieving their goals - no matter their fitness level or experience in the gym. His classes consist of a mix of strength and conditioning style training, bodyweight exercises, cardio and circuits, where Connor adapts the exercise for each member’s ability and encourages them to improve their weights/times each week.
Our HR team receive positive reactions along with enthusiasm when new staff learn they can avail of classes on site without having to leave the building, it’s effortless. We also gain a competitive edge in attracting candidates in the recruitment process showing we can add value to their work environment via health and wellbeing which links in heavily with our Well Being programme.
Lunchtime classes are a favourite here! Staff have said they feel refreshed, energised and more focused on work when returning to the office after their session. Some staff enjoy the classes so much, they now go to Connor on a one to one basis.
The classes have created an additional rapport with staff from the same, and different departments, getting to know each other on another level and creates healthy competition amongst themselves. All of this helps to create a better work environment and improve staff’s ability in team building/bonding.
I would have no problem recommending Connor’s 'Capel Fitness' to other companies, he’s dedicated to the cause and is an all-round nice guy.”

-JP McDowell 

Managing partner Fieldfisher

"We began training with Capel Fitness six months ago. The trainers are great to work with. The classes are challenging but you feel supported and have the confidence to push yourself a little more each week.

Everyone works to their own ability and there is absolutely no pressure. We have all improved our strength and fitness levels since joining!

Each class is different so you don’t get bored and the best part is you get away from your desk for an hour and clear your head."

-Colm Molloy

Director of human resources

“Our firm Paragon have been using Capel Fitness for close to two years. Connor runs corporate classes for our team which are tailored and fun yet challenging and progressive.

Connor puts you through your paces and pushes you to get out of your comfort Zone. The benefits we have seen from his classes are incredible and have added to a much more productive and happier team! 

One of our employees has dropped a whopping 30kg and many more have dropped body fat and put on lean muscle mass. Connor is a super guy and has become a great friend of Paragon”.

- Colin McGhee

Managing director Paragon Executive intelligence

Our firm have been using Capel fitness for corporate wellness classes for two years.

Sally and Connor are fantastic trainers. They organise classes to be more challenging as the weeks go by. Each week there is something different to learn and it keeps everyone interested.


When a new employee joins the group the trainers scale back the difficulty to their level.
We have had nothing but positive feedback from all of our staff and the gym has become a real social hub for everyone here!

– Kealan Turley,

Managing director MCR GROUP

Capel fitness Is situated on the -1 floor of The Capel Building, Capel St, Dublin 7. 
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