At Capel Fitness, we understand that not everyone has hours upon hours to spend in the gym trying to get in shape. That's why our team of qualified personal trainers have a scientific, no nonsense approach to help you reach your goals as soon as humanly possible. 

We believe in sustainable long term results.


 No-nonsense approach

Our personal trainers cut out the guesswork by keeping up to date with scientific journals, research and real-world information to plan out a sustainable, no nonsense, approach to personal training and nutrition.

Experienced Coaches

We have personal trainers and coaches who have helped hundreds of people just like you.
We believe in continuous education and staying up to date with our training methods to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Each session will be catered for your goals, needs and current abilities. You will not be forced to do any outlandish exercises.
Our training systems are built on the most up to date scientific studies and are the most effective and efficient at getting you results.

​ Practical Exercises

 Our full support

We make sure to put the personal in personal training.

When you join Capel Fitness you are entering into our support system that includes programming, nutrition, lifestyle advice and accountability so you can get the best results possible.

You will have 24 /7 access to their trainer making sure you can make the most informed decisions out of the gym.

​Two to three personal training sessions per week is all it takes to get into the shape of your life!

We have a professional, qualified, team of personal trainers as well as a fully equipped private studio to ensure you have all the necessary tools available to reach your goals as fast as humanly possible.

Please click to arrange a complimentary 30 minute personal training session and consultation.

We look forward to working with you!



Capel fitness Is situated on the -1 floor of The Capel Building, Capel St, Dublin 7. 
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